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Champion Homeland Security

Champion Homeland Security offers innovative security solutions and services through the design, manufacture, integration, and distribution of a comprehensive range of high quality products designed to provide reliable performance.

Based on the nature of security risk, we provide customized solutions for integrated security systems that may use any of the following: access control, video monitoring, alarm processing, internal and external intruder detection, perimeter systems, communication network monitoring, as well as command, control and communications.

Our top-of-the line products include MuteTone™ Wireless Solutions which apply proprietary technology to mute mobile signals; PeepTone™ Monitoring Solutions featuring real-time digital video monitoring and recording solution specially designed for remote management and security applications; and Command Control Communications applications which are vital for the effective and efficient operation of mission critical units such as police, fire, and emergency services, as well as industrial and commercial enterprises such as fleet control and personnel dispatch in transportation, public utilities and service industries.

Champion Homeland Security benefits from Group members which have a track record of over 75 years' experience in delivering mission critical electronics products and taking on assignments where lives are at great risk. In particular, Group members are at the forefront of spark-proof communications technology with proprietary intrinsically safe messaging terminals and systems that meet very stringent requirements in potentially hazardous environments.

In response to the incidents of terrorist attacks in recent years, we have expanded our security portfolio to embrace biometric identification, smartcard solutions, fraud detection systems, as well as detection solutions for explosives, chemical & biological agents, and environmental monitoring.

Our mission is to serve as a single source of turnkey solutions for customers by combining diverse technologies and systems to provide fully integrated security solutions. As part of an international group with presence in over 50 markets and an established customer base, we have the strength to lead technology and provide project management and international marketing support to technology partners and suppliers alike.

Champion Technology Group has an established track record in doing business in China for over 20 years, and in niche sectors as hospitals, fire and emergency services, the Group is a dominant provider of mission critical communications systems to major markets such as the UK and Germany .

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